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Jung found that certain archetypes stood strong above the rest, and one of the most central of these was the Shadow.

The Shadow itself is not inherently evil, despite the menacing name; often represented by a beast, a friend, a dragon, or even a reflection of the Hero itself, the Shadow was the obstacle that the Hero must have overcame in order to produce a happy ending. Jung would consider the man who had brokered with and assimilated the Shadow to have attained one of the highest levels of maturity and peace of mind available to us; is it no wonder that heroes in literature often defeat the dragon only to themselves change? This dragon, Jung said, is inside all of us; The Shadow represents that thing about us which we abhor most, which we stubbornly refuse and revile against. He is the mirror of our Ego-- we cannot imagine her being ourselves, and yet it is as much us as we are ourselves.

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