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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Difference between revisions

(→‎Diagnosis: replace controvercial signs language with correlation.)
:"Many features of dissociative identity disorder can be influenced by the individual's cultural background."
The DID further discusses comorbidity, suggestingshowing that depression, anxiety, substance abuse, self-injury and non-epileptic seizures are all possiblecorrelate signs ofwith DID. It suggests that those with DID are often unaware, or conceal their symptoms at first. It says that disorienting flashbacks can occur. The DSM discusses the reporting of maltreatment and other trauma, but it's not part of the diagnostic criteria. The DSM lists higher than average hypnotizability and dissociativity, and transient psychotic events as furtheralso signscorrelating with DID. Attempted suicide is ridiculously common, with 70% having attempted it.
Prevalence is estimated, roughly, at 1.5% of the population, based on the study of a U.S. town.