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===Dr. Timothy Leary, and ''Exopsychology''===
Dr. Timothy Leary writes in his book ''Exo-Psychology: A Manual on The Use of the Nervous System According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers'' (1977) that concepts similarly described to Imposition will be traits of the next evolutionary step of mankind. In ''Exo-psychology'', Dr. Leary states that there are (as he predicts) 8 primary stages of evolutionary development, which he calls "circuits". Leary states that he believed Humanity was (in the 1960's) reaching the 4th Circuit. Once the 4th Circuit (stage) reaches its final activation (development), the Fifth Circuit can be activated (initiated). Circuits 1-4 are concerned with what Leary calls a "Newtonian" and "HeliocentricGeocentric" view of the universe, while Circuits 5-8 are "Eisenstein" and "Quantum"; that is: The development of circuits 1-4 are development of the immediate needs of the organism and are unable to think much outside of these hard-embedded constructs, but in circuits 5 and above the civilization becomes meta. This theory of evolutionary stages of consciousness was later expanded-on on by futurist Robert Anton Wilson and astrologer Antero Alli. Dr. Leary later reworked his thesis in ''Info-Psychology: A Revision on Exo-Psychology'' (1987).
Dr. Leary routinely expressed the belief that unlocking the mind was a necessity to the further development of the human experience, as well as the unlocking of powers within the human consciousness. Leary --known for his slogans-- frequently said "You can be anything you want to be this time around" referring to concepts now known as [[Headspace]] and Imposition.