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'''Dissipation''' is a term that refers to the removalfading of a [[Tulpa|Tulpa]] or [[Host|Host]] from the mind. ThisDissipation practicecan occur naturally in theyounger [[TulpamancyTulpa|TulpamancyTulpa]] communitywho isare seenlacking asadequate highly[[Forcing|Forcing]], controversialattention, asor therestimuli. areThe manyolder morala andtulpa ethicalis, considerationsgenerally tothe gettingharder ridit ofis somethingfor thatthem appearsto bothexperience sentient and sapientDissipation. Because ofDespite this, talkthere ofhave thebeen practicemultiple isdocumented generallyaccounts discouraged, with otherof solutionstulpamancers normallysuccessfully beingdisspiating recommendedyears-old firsttulpas.<br />
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Forcing Dissipation to happen in the [[Tulpamancy|Tulpamancy]] community is seen as highly controversial, as there are many moral and ethical considerations to getting rid of something that appears both sentient and sapient. Because of this, talk of the practice is generally discouraged with other remedies normally being recommended first.<br />
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== History ==
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