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Not to be confused with: New Thought (Christianity)

New Thought (or The New Thought Movement and The New Thought Order) was a Fraternal Hermetic Order founded by William Waltker Atkenson in the early 1900's. The group believed that the body could be healed via visualization (contemporarily, Imposition), that the mind could be expanded using the same method, and Magick could be used more powerfully if interpreted as but a form of Imposition. The Group was fundamentally a traditional hermetic order. Their greatest contribution to Hermetics was the writing of The Kyballion pseudo-anonymously.


The Kyballion[edit]

The Kyballion is a book claiming to finally decrypt every hermetic principle. It begins with a long introduction claiming that this information had to be suppressed in the past due to religious oppression, but they believed that it was finally safe to release these pillars of hermetic principles. The book has since been revered in almost all contemporary hermetic circles.

The Kyballion introduces seven pillars (principles) of Hermetic Philosophy. These are the Principle of Mentalism, Principle of Correspondence, Principle of Vibration, Principle of Polarity, Principle of Rhythm, Principle of Cause and Effect, and Principle of Gender.