Possession is a form of shared control of the body in which a tulpa or similar being moves the body. The main controller, the one who normally controls the body, usually maintains consciousness, awareness, and some degree of control themselves. Often used by the tulpamancy community to refer to the sharing of the body between a tulpa’s host and the tulpa without the host's disconnection from the physical senses. Possession can cover one or more body parts or the whole body, the latter of which is sometimes called full-body possession. Although similar but not to be confused with the likes of demonic possession, the experience of possession is relatively harmless.

The defining characteristic that differentiates possession from switching is that the connection of the original to the senses remains. While switching, connection to the senses would be lost. Within greater plurality, this distinction often breaks down, with possession often only occurring alongside switching. In addition, these terms are often used loosely, and the distinction can be defined in very different ways.

History Edit

Learning possession Edit

There have been many proposed strategies for gaining this ability. Due to the difficulty in expressing the inner workings of the mind from one person to another, the best guides often boil down to sit back, relax, and practice. Before beginning, a tulpa usually reaches vocality, and is able to talk, but some have discovered that possession can be used as a first communication method. It really depends on the tulpa.

The usual starting point is to try and possess a hand. To sit back, and relax, and let your tulpa think and push and experiment as much as they can.