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This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Collapse top

<templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "aliases": [ "title" ], "label": "Title", "description": "Main title of collapsed box", "example": "This is the title text", "required": true }, "2": { "label": "Custom warning line", "description": "Will override the standard warning line, and make the 'warning' parameter unnecessary", "example": "This is a custom warning line", "type": "string" }, "indent": { "description": "Indents the box from the left of the page", "type": "unknown", "autovalue": "0px" }, "expand": { "aliases": [ "collpase" ], "description": "Using expand=yes or collapse=no will leave the material uncollapsed with the border and coloring", "example": "true", "type": "string", "autovalue": "" }, "border": { "label": "Border width (px)", "description": "Sets the width of the border line on the collapsed material", "example": "2px", "default": "1px", "autovalue": "" }, "b-color": { "label": "Border color", "description": "Sets the border color", "example": "#F0F2F5", "default": "Silver" }, "width": { "label": "Template width (px or %)", "description": "Sets the width of the overall template", "example": "50%" }, "bg": { "label": "Collapsed material background color", "description": "Sets the background color of the collapsed material", "example": "#F0F2F5", "default": "#CFC" }, "left": { "label": "Alight along the left margin (true or blank)", "description": "Will align the 'parameter 1 title' along the left margin", "example": "true", "type": "string" }, "fc": { "label": "Title font color", "description": "Sets the font color of the title of the collapsible bar", "example": "#F0F2F5", "default": "Black" }, "warning": { "label": "Warning (true or blank)", "description": "Will display a default warning line under the main title which reads \"The following is a closed debate. Please do not modify it.\"", "example": "true" }, "border2": { "label": "Expanded box border size & color", "description": "Sets the border of the box that appears when template is expanded", "example": "2px", "default": "1px silver" }, "padding": { "label": "Padding (px)", "description": "Sets the padding on the collapsed material in the colored area", "example": "16px", "default": "8px" }, "bg2": { "label": "Expanded box color", "description": "Sets background of the box that appears when template is expanded", "example": "#F0F2F5", "default": "white" } },

"description": "Use in conjunction with |}. Will collapse text in between the two templates."

} </templatedata>