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Template:Template error report

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see the monthly error report for this template.

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The Template Parameters tool is now available on Tool Labs, for viewing template parameter usage. It works with TemplateData to show the validity of parameter names that are used in template transclusions. For a required parameter, it can display a list of pages where the template is missing the parameter. The tool also shows commonly used values for each parameter. The data is updated monthly.


The template is included in transclusions of {{TemplateData header}}. If it's needed elsewhere, simply place the following in the template's documentation:

== Error reports ==

{{Template error report}}

By default, it links a report for the template-page being viewed. To link a report for a different template-page, pass it as the first parameter:

{{Template error report|Example}}

makes a link to the error repor for Template:Example:

see the monthly error report for this template.

The first character can be made lowercase to follow on at the end of a sentence:

Blah, {{Template error report|lc=yes}} → Blah, see the monthly error report for this template.

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