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This template creates a template link to templatespace for templates which require substitution as well as parameters. For templates that don't take parameters, try {{Tls}}.


{{tlxs|template|first parameter|second parameter|third|...|tenth}} {{subst:template|first parameter|second parameter|third|...|tenth}}

Where parameters to be illustrated might contain one or more equals-signs ("="), replace each equals-sign with {{=}}:

{{tlxs|template|first{{=}}something|second|third{{=}}something...|tenth}} {{subst:template|first=something|second|third=something|...|tenth}}

If an eleventh parameter ore more are included, ... will appear at the end of the code created by this template.

To have the illustrated template name show in bold (e.g. to match use of {{tlxb}} in the same material) add the |bold=y (or |bold=yes, etc.) parameter:

{{tlxs|bold=y|template|first parameter|...}} {{subst:template|first parameter|...}} gl:Modelo:Tlsx ur:سانچہ:Tlxs