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Forcing is a term that refers to the act of giving a Tulpa attention or stimuli so that they may grow. Generally used in reference to a Tulpamancer Forcing a Tulpa, a Tulpa may at times Force a Tulpamancer to improve them. The term was created with the idea that you are forcing a tulpa into existence, forcing them to exist, rather than forcing them to be a certain way.


Active Forcing

Active Forcing is used in reference to forcing when a tulpamancer is giving their tulpa their undivided attention. This can encompass many different types of activities, as long as they are activities where the the tulpa is getting all of the tulpamancers attention.

Passive Forcing

Passive Forcing is used in reference to forcing when a tulpamancer is partially giving their tulpa attention while performing other tasks. A simple example would be the tulpamancer conversing with their tulpa while the tulpamancer is doing physical labor for their job.